2010 Fall Showcase Capsule

By: Austin Alexander - November 6-7, 2010

New names emerge on a frigid weekend in DP's 5th fall showcase 

dp_logo1.pngOn Saturday we pulled into Gilbert High School's brand new athletic complex before the sun even broke. It was cold and it was windy. Awaiting the sun to make an appearance, most of us realized that we had grossly under-dressed for the day!

But once all of the participants had checked-in, it was time for baseball, DP style!

Our fall showcase has traditionally proven to be the one event that we host that reveals the most new names who will be tomorrow's headlines... the 2010 fall showcase was no different. Every November, we stare at a roster filled mostly of players with whom we are unfamiliar. But invariably we leave excited about the next wave of new talent emerging in our state. We even had some impressive performances from seniors that are still in search of a home!

toneywales-balance10.jpgThe highlight of the event came during the two times that TL Hanna junior Wales Toney (left) toed the rubber. On Day 1 in the bullpen he shot 89 MPH bullets with a plus change-up to boot. Twenty-four hours later, he backed it up with another heavy dose of 89's. bostickakeem-head10.jpgToney's stock had vaulted through the roof as he proved to be a player we will likely hear from for sometime going forward. His mound match-up with Akeem Bostick (right) on Sunday's Game 3 gave us a glimpse of things to come!

hendryhayden-head10.jpgThough the 60 times were, by-in-large unimpressive, perhaps because of the cool temps, one player blew away the competition when he turned in a tremendous time on any surface, and in any climate. Clover senior Hayden Henry (right) blitzed through the finish line at 6.65, which had evaluators double-checking to confirm their own times!

In the early session, South Aiken sophomore Taylor Widener's left-handed juice created a different sound of power as he led a handful of prospects that had impressive performances during their BP round.

While there were some solid performances during the defensive workouts, one freshman gave us a quick glimpse of more to come throughout the weekend. Hanahan freshman Seth Lancaster's actions and arm strength eventually gave way to an offensive display that had each scout fantasizing over what he may flourish into during the coming years.

athertonseth-head10.jpgsherrillz-head10.jpgDuring Saturday night's senior game, Spartanburg's Steven Atherton (right) and Wilson Hall's Zachary Sherrill (left) efforts on the field was a spillover effect following a very good showing during the workout portion as both made it their own little promotion party!

A special DP Note is in order here... On behalf of all the evaluators on hand, Coach Burnett, thanks a million for allowing us to thaw out in your lush team room between sessions on Saturday and for opening up your press box for all of us when the games cranked up. Your hospitality was as clutch as anything we saw on the field! We even learned a new term on Sunday from one of the coaches there... "swunt", short for a 'swinging bunt'. Had we not been in such close and cozy quarters, none of us would have walked away with such a logical new term to use going foward.

Next to be delivered will be our detailed breakdown of the event, including prospect info and player accolades...

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While another DP event is now in the books, I personally want to thank a few individuals: Gilbert head coach Ashley Burnett for all of his assistance before and during the event... Coach Burnett's staff of helpers, which are also better recognized as the Gilbert Baseball Team... John Owings and the group of Gilbert parents that pitched in... Ken Bagwell, a.k.a. the FungoMan, for spitting out groundballs with perfection at yet another DP event... Sleep Inn on Bush River Road... Uniform Work & Sport in Hilton Head... and last - but certainly not least - our DP Staff. You guys, and gals, have become a well-oiled machine that deserves credit for everything that happens when the bell rings. Thank you again for another job well-done!