DP Pro Day: Overview

Scouts flock to view Palmetto State’s top talent...yet again!

By: Austin Alexander - January 24, 2016

dp-prodaylogo.jpgSunday was another banner day for high school baseball, prep players, pro scouts and Diamond Prospects! ProDay14-1River Bluff High School played host to our most anticipated event of the year, the 10th Annual DP Pro Day! After 48 hours of snow, ice and rainfall across the state, every single component of a successful showcase collided just in time... Sunny skies, 26 (out of 30) Major League clubs were represented, a top-flight facility and talent on the field commanded attention too... plus we serviced each player in a tidy 2 hours and 42 minutes. It was a great day!

DP's Pro Day has a very decorated list of players over its nine year history, 130+ performers from this event have been drafted, many of which are still presently playing professional baseball. There is a good chance that Sunday's field will add to that total.StennettAlex-pd16JonesThomas-pd16

With right at 100 scouts and coaches huddled around a lane, we fired off the 60's in a time-adjusted 11:00 AM and thirteen players shot through the finish line under 7.0 seconds, several under 6.9, led by Laurens senior Thomas Jones (left) and Nation Ford junior Alex Stennett, both blitzing through the 180th foot at 6.68!

The catchers were a group that did not disappoint with seven of them registering a time under 2.00 seconds.ChurchJosh-pd16 HernandezJosh-pd15Ashley Ridge junior Josh Church (right) won their popping contest shooting a 1.88, followed by senior Josh Hernandez (left, AC Flora) at 1.89... It should be noted that these two guys were 1-2 at last year's Pro Day as well.

Then time for BP! High school hitters wielding wood is not always the most endearing of acts to witness, not so on Sunday at all. Nothing short of 40 baseball's left the yard, either disappearing into the abyss across the street in left field or slamming off of the back of a very steep football pressbox in right. GoldRyan-pd16Two pitchers (TJ Shook and Jake Wright) got us off to a resounding start but a newcomer to our state, Ryan Gold (right, Carolina Forest) stole the show, losing the most baseball's and several others also flexed their bat speed, defeating dimensions that are deeper than most high school yards! With recent weather and a soft infield as a concern, balls were shooting all over or past a sea of shaggers!

The bullpens are what pulls in quite a few cross-checkers, and even a couple of scouting directors in some years. With a shortened list of invited arms in 2016, we went one at a time on the game mound. BridgesSawyer-pd15After three previously drafted pitchers got us off to a great start, a steady stream of upper-80's fastball's bit through cool temps. Summerville senior Sawyer Bridges (left) chimed in with a 91 MPH bolt, winning the velocity award in consecutive years... mph-board88.pngIn all, 13 different guys eclipsed the 88 MPH barrier, not too shabby for January!

The usual prospects showed up and served as the cornerstone to a successful event, but the new names to pro scouts pushed Pro Day into what we'd consider as very productive day for high school baseball in South Carolina!

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dp logo1AA's Fist Bump: At so many of our showcases, I am often told by coaches/scouts and some parents how well-run, well-organized, etc our events are, and typically they praise me personally - and that is much-appreciated. BUT, what you see at any DP event are the fruits of labor from so many awesome people that have their fingerprints on anything we do. As with any business, quality humans are imperative to any successful operation, we are no different. Selfishly I do believe our execution of a game plan is a well-oiled machine, but only because of the folks there and behind the scenes too! OstermanTonypg13So, I want to publicly acknowledge my sincere appreciation of the legit guys and gals that I have been blessed enough to insulate myself with. Well-done DP family, together we are leaving our fingerprints on the futures of young men and a great sport!

T.O.'s Return: Along the same lines of valuable DP warriors, our own Tony Osterman (right) returned to his familiar post on Sunday as he continues to be blasted with chemotherapy for bladder cancer. He was adamant about being at Pro Day after missing his first DP event in 10 year's back in November. This week he returns to his battle but it sure was amazing to see him running around 'doing his thing' - there may not be a finer human being walking the Earth than our beloved T-O!

RiverBluff-RFpole14 DP Fist Bump: A special thanks is in order to Mark Bonnette and River Bluff High School. Even in January and after a Winter Storm passed through the state, their 'Division I' facility and accommodation to us was beyond first class, which is greatly appreciated by all in attendance!